Fifth International Workshop on the Web and Databases (WebDB 2002)

Madison, Wisconsin - June 6-7, 2002

Important Dates

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» March 8, 2002
Submission deadline:
» March 15, 2002
» April 19, 2002
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» May 1, 2002
» June 6-7, 2002

Workshop Program

Thursday, June 6
14:00-15:10 Invited talk
How Your Dog Can Publish Your Secrets Anonymously and Why There's Probably Nothing You Can Do About It
Lorrie Faith Cranor, AT&T Labs - Research

Quotations about the Internet's ability to resist censorship and promote anonymity have become nearly cliche. John Gillmore's quote "The Net treats censorship as damage and routes around it" has been interpreted as a statement that the Internet cannot be censored. And Peter Steiner's famous New Yorker cartoon captioned "On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog" has been used to hype the Internet as a haven of anonymity. But, increasingly, people have come to learn that unless they take extraordinary precautions, their online writings can be censored and the true identity behind their online pseudonyms revealed. There are many valid reasons for publishing a document in an anonymous and/or censorship-resistant manner. Unfortunately, few tools exist that facilitate this form of publishing.
In this talk I will discuss the rationale and design goals of censorship-resistant publishing systems. I will discuss several such systems, most of which function (at least partially) as peer-to-peer systems. Some of the ideas behind these systems have application in other distributed publishing situations, even if censorship-resistance isn't a specific requirement. I will focus on Publius, a censorship-resistant publishing system developed at AT&T Labs. Content published with Publius is very difficult to censor or modify. Users can browse Publius content using a standard web browser and a client-side or remote proxy. I will also discuss some of the policy issues related to Publius and similar systems.
Dr. Lorrie Faith Cranor is a Principal Technical Staff Member in the Secure Systems Research Department at AT&T Labs-Research Shannon Laboratory in Florham Park, New Jersey. She is chair of the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P) Specification Working Group at the World Wide Web Consortium. Her research has focused on a variety of areas where technology and policy issues interact, including online privacy, electronic voting, and spam.
15:30-16:50 Constraint and Type Languages
XQuery/IR: Integrating XML Document and Data Retrieval
J.-M. Bremer, M. Gertz
Constraints preserving schema mapping from XML to relations
Y. Chen, S. Davidson, Y. Zheng
Types for Correctness of Queries over Semistructured Data
D. Colazzo, G. Ghelli, P. Manghi, C. Sartiani
The Query Language TQL
G. Conforti, G. Ghelli, A. Albano, D. Colazzo, P. Manghi, C. Sartiani
17:00-18:00 Caching
Semantic Caching of XML Databases
V. Hristidis, M. Petropoulos
XCache: XQuery-based Caching System
L. Chen, E. Rundensteiner
On space management in a dynamic edge data cache
K. Amiri, R. Tewari, S. Park, S. Padmanabhan
Friday, June 7
08:00-09:00 Continental Breakfast
09:00-10:20 Structure
What are real DTDs like?
B. Choi
ToXgene: An extensible template-based data generator for XML
D. Barbosa, A. Mendelson, J. Keenleyside, K. Lyons
Detecting Structural Similarities between XML Documents
S. Flesca, G. Manco, E. Masciari, L. Pontieri, A. Pugliese
Evaluating Structural Similarity in XML Documents
A. Nierman, H.V. Jagadish
10:40-11:40 Query Evaluation Techniques
Obtaining More Answers from Information Integration Systems
G. Grahne, V. Kiricenko
Learning Efficient Value Predictors for Speculative Plan Execution
G. Barish, C. Knoblock
View Selection for Stream Processing
A. Gupta, A. Halevy, D. Suciu
11:40-13:00 Lunch (included)
13:00-14:00 New Ideas
Data Management for Peer-to-Peer Computing : A Vision
P. Bernstein, F. Giunchiglia, A. Kementsietsidis, J. Mylopoulos, L. Serafini, I. Zaihrayeu
Distributed queries without distributed state
V. Papadimos, D. Maier
Cryptographically Enforced Conditional Access for XML
G. Miklau, D. Suciu
14:00 Adjourn

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