Yannis Papakonstantinou

Database Research Lab

Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of California, San Diego
Office: 3248
Phone: (858) 8221612
Fax: (858) 5340729

Short Bio

Yannis Papakonstantinou is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. His research is in the intersection of data management technologies and the web, where he has published over ninety research articles that have received more than 12,000 citations, according to Google Scholar. A common theme of his research is the extension of database platforms and query processors beyond centralized relational databases and into semistructured databases, integrated views of distributed databases and web services, textual data and queries involving keyword search, and most recently spatiotemporal sensor data. He has given multiple tutorials and invited talks, has served on journal editorial boards and has chaired and participated in program committees for many international conferences and workshops. He is a co-director and teaches for UCSD's Master of Advanced Studies in Data Science.

Yannis enjoys to commercialize his research and to inform his research accordingly. He was the CEO and Chief Scientist of Enosys Software, which built and commercialized an early Enterprise Information Integration platform for structured and semistructured data. The Enosys Software was OEM'd and sold under the BEA Liquid Data and BEA Aqualogic brand names, eventually acquired in 2003 by BEA Systems. His lab's FORWARD platform was used by many UCSD and commercial applications. He has been involved in data analytics in the pharmaceutical industry, was in the technical advisory board of Brightscope Inc and GraphSQL Inc, and he has been working with Amazon Web Services. He is the inventor of nine patents and has been an expert and consultant in IP litigation cases multiple times.

Yannis holds a Diploma of Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, MS and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University (1997) and an NSF CAREER award for his work on data integration.

Current Research
  • FORWARD: a SQL++ based, JSON-era data integration engine and data-driven application platform, supported by NSF 1018961, NSF 1219263, a Google award, an Informatica award and a Couchbase award
  • Plato: A model-based database for sensor data, enabling declarative statistical queries and performance via compression, supported by NSF 1447943
  • Reengineering Database Systems for Fast SSDs, supported by NSF 1219125
  • The DELPHI Data-driven application platform for Patient Empowerment and Population Health Improvement apps, supported by NSF 1237174

  • CSE135, Online Analytics Applications (for senior undergraduate and MS students, current): The course teaches high performance data processing techniques and systems for the support of online analytics dashboards, live views, "Big Data" and "Fast Data" use cases.
  • CSE232A, Principles of Database Systems (for MS and PhD students, current): It primarily covers query processing, query optimization and transaction processing in relational database management systems. The second part covers modern database technologies and advanced topics: Query processing on semistructured data, query processing in virtual databases, incremental view maintenance, column databases, parallel databases.
  • CSE87, Computing and the Universe (priority given to freshmen enrollments, open to other students when space permits, current): Imagine a powerful computer that behaves as a human. Is it conscious? Imagine a computer simulating a universe. Could it be our universe? If so, is God a programmer?! Ranging from Plato, Descartes and classic sci-fi movies to readings on the singularity, we ponder and discuss how computing reshapes humanity's approach to big questions.

PhD Students
The following PhD students are alumni who have graduated under my supervision, or current PhD students. The current affiliations of alumni may be temporarily out of date.
  • Andrey Balmin, research staff member at IBM Almaden after graduation, currently Principal Engineer at Platfora Inc
  • Vagelis Hristidis, was assistant professor at FIU after graduation, currently associate professor of Computer Science at UC Riverside
  • Michalis Petropoulos, was assistant professor at SUNY Buffalo after graduation, currently Sr Manager of Query Processing at Greenplum
  • Yu Xu, was research member at Teradata after graduation, currently founder of business analytics startup GraphSQL Inc
  • Yannis Katsis, was research member at INRIA after graduation, currently researcher at UCSD
  • Kian Win Ong, was president of app2you Inc after graduation, currently researcher at UCSD
  • Heasoo Hwang, research staff member at Samsung after graduation, currently Assistant Professor at University of Seoul
  • Liang "Jeff" Chen, researcher at Microsoft Research after graduation
  • Keliang "Kevin" Zhao, joined Twitter Inc and works towards graduation
  • Yupeng Fu, joined Palantir and works towards graduation
  • Chunbin Lin (current)
  • Konstantinos Zarifis (current)
  • Jules Testard (current)
  • Yanqin Jin (current, coadvised with Steve Swanson)
  • Jing Li (current, coadvised with Steve Swanson)
  • Jianguo Wang (current, coadvised with Steve Swanson)
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